Bounce Flash | The Best Tool in your Lighting Kit

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

An on-camera flash is the tool many photographers own but few know how to use. Every day I see this amazing piece of equipment go to waste, slamming harsh light into a subject when it could be caressing it with soft, directional illumination.  The flash is a sculptor’s chisel, not a


The Humble Reflector | A Portrait Photographer’s Best Friend

I’ve been making my living as a photographer for over 20 years and have accumulated thousands of dollars of gear over time. I have the latest Canon SLRs, a full complement of lenses, strobes, light stands, gels, filters, soft boxes, tripods and even some video and audio gear. But the one


Headshots on Location for Northwestern Mutual

Monday, December 26, 2016

location group headshots in columbia, maryland

A few weeks ago I went on location to the Turf Valley Conference center to shoot headshots for Northwestern Mutual. Their local financial planners were having a meeting, and we took the opportunity to do some headshots while everyone was together.  I set up my portable studio in a large


Published in the Washington Post Magazine

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

hampden alley portraits in washington post magazine

I got an exciting message out of the blue a few weeks ago. Dudley Brooks, photo editor at the Washington Post Magazine, reached out to me wanting to publish some of the photos from my Hampden Alley Portrait Project.  The story ran as two double page spreads along with a short text I wrote


People Reading Trump Quotes for Handelsblatt Global

Saturday, November 05, 2016

I've been scraping the rust off my German, video and photojournalism skills alike this week. I'm covering the elections in DC as a videographer for the Berlin-based business daily Handelsblatt Global. This is a little piece I shot of people reading from a book of Trump quotes outside a