Recent Headshots

Friday, May 26, 2017

I wanted to share a few of my favorite recent shoots here.  Not only do I love meeting people from all walks of life when I do their headshots, but it's great to see the photos out in the world doing their job. For example, above, author Barbara Bourland is using my headshots on her website and other promotion materials. She recently released the book "I'll Eat When I'm Dead."

headshot shoot of african american woman

Heather came in for some LinkedIn headshots for a job search. I think she comes across as approachable and confident (and gorgeous) in these photos, so hopefully she's getting some extra views of her profile. 

headshot of a woman entrepreneur with red hair

Kristy has a new startup business working with hearing issues, and is now using my headshot on her website: 

Posted by Dennis on 05/26 at 09:43 AM