Our firm has been working with Dennis since 2009 and he has photographed over 300 clients for us. He is our go-to resource for professional photographs.

His headshots are a perfect balance of professional, artful and candid. Our session with him was so much fun, it was over before we knew it. 

He is exceedingly talented and understands the business side of a relationship -- not always common when working with creative professionals. 

Clients: Washington Post, American Red Cross, New York Times, Chronicle of Higher Education, JP Morgan, Ketchum, IAVA, Tufts, Yale, Baltimore Museum of Art.


Dennis has 15 years experience photographing executives, actors, doctors, lawyers, musicians and the occasional Irish Setter. 

Sessions with Dennis are fun and relaxed. His goal is to show you at your best, using flattering light and body positioning to make images which exude confidence and approachability. 

Dennis offers quick turnaround and free online image hosting. He works out of studios in Baltimore and the Washington, DC area, and is also available for location shoots (handy for larger groups and people with tight schedules).  


Dennis has gone to great lengths for the perfect portrait, including bedding down with flea-ridden goats, traveling in dugout canoes and braving the DC beltway at 5pm. His work has taken him from the jungles of Colombia to the mountains of Pakistan, and from the White House to the halls of Congress.  

Dennis uses his mastery of natural and artificial lighting to convey whatever mood is appropriate for his client’s needs – everything from dark and moody to bright and fun. He has completed hundreds of portrait commissions over the years. His clients include the Washington Post, New York Times, Lululemon, Tufts University,  the American Red Cross, and JP Morgan. 


The blog features lots of Dennis' recent assignments and gives a good idea of the type of work he produces for his event and portrait clients. 

You can also see some of his personal work (like his Hampden alley portraits), publications,  and tips for preparing for your shoot with him.  There are also a few random bits like a video from a paragliding mission over his brother's farm.